Hi, I'm Simon and I'm a technology focussed exec. No two engagements with me are the same, however there are some key things I will focus on. The first three months will generally be about setting things up for the next 3 years of your business. Initially this will be looking to document the current as-is situation, and reviewing the existing business plans for where you are heading over the next 3 years. This will then allow me to articulate the 3 year technology roadmap for you. This roadmap will include where we are looking to take your software, and also a holistic view across the whole business, along with the associated risk register and proposed resolutions. Whilst this long term strategic planning is vitally important I will also be looking into your immediate needs by liaising with the team and understanding the major pain points as they exist today and proposing solutions to them. In the longer term the role is CTO/NED is making sure we execute on the strategy, and ensuring the tech team is delivering quality solutions at pace. In order to deliver the technology roadmap I will be working with the team to ensure they understand the technical stories that need to be raised and prioritised to ensure we can regularly deliver both functional business change, alongside technical change. Additionally I will be mentoring and coaching the technology team to ensure their skills are kept up to date, and help them understand the latest technology innovation to ensure we are always using the right tools, and helping them understand the scrum development methodology to ensure we are continuously learning and optimising our delivery.

Where it all began

I have over 20 years experience in the IT industry having graduated with a Computer Science degree way back in 1996. I started work at a small software house in Leominster close to where I grew up in Herefordshire. Being such a small company meant I didn't have just one job. I was the developer, architect, technical support, pre-sales consultant, network and server engineer. Yes it really was that small, but that set the scene for my entire career.


Over the years I have contracted at many organisations including AssureWeb, Practiv, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, EE, Nokia and Avon and Somerset Constabulary, always looking for that elusive company where I wanted to work long term. Only recently did I realise I love the variety and challenge of working on many projects simultaneously, and being my own boss. I love helping people and companies succeed, why not Contact Me and see how I can help you.

Simon paddleboarding