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What is Client-Watch

by: Simon Hughes
date: Monday, Oct 1, 2018
category: client-watch faq

In order to bring a little more regularity to my blogging, and structure things a bit more I decided to introduce 3 new areas to my blog, Client Watch, Cloud Watch and Technology Watch.

  • Client Watch - more details below.
  • Cloud Watch - Where I focus on the latest cloud technologies and the value they bring.
  • and Technology Watch - Where I blog about the latest technologies.

Apple Technlog

Whilst I run a small consultancy here at Simon Hughes Consulting I think its important to keep shouting about the clients I have, and the real cool things we do. A lot of my clients are early stage start-ups so I am under strict NDAs and can't blog about them, but I have a few clients out in the wider space so over the coming months I will showcase what great technology they have, and how I have helped them.

Stay tuned for more.