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How I work

by: Simon Hughes
date: Saturday, Nov 10, 2018
category: work remote working flexible fractional-cto

I often get asked about my working practises and the technology I use to keep in contact with my clients, the short answer is flexibly, and with lots of technology. Lets have a look in more detail.


As I work with many clients, being in the clients office all the time is not viable. Due to this I have a number of places where I work. I have a nice office in my home, and a rented serviced office in Bristol city center which I use for meeting clients. Not all of my work however is remote, as your CTO I will regularly be in your office for board meetings and to be with your team working collaboratively to better understand your business and the way your team works. This really helps me see how the business is performing, and allows me to best suggest new ways of working, processes, and technologies to help you deliver better quality, and faster.

As for technology, the answer is I use every technology available to ensure I can deliver value to you the client. I provide all my own hardware and software, I own and use daily both Windows 10 Laptop, and Mac OSX Laptop and Desktops. All my machines are always in sync using the latest cloud technologies to ensure I always have the latest information at my fingertips.

Some Slacking

For communication I currently use the Microsoft Office365 suite including Teams, and Communicator with some clients, Skype, Slack, Email, and Git with others. There are no limits, if you have a specific set of tools you wish to use with me, then I can fit in with that.

My daily working hours are typically between 8am and 5pm and try to always make myself available to my clients wherever I happen to be working.

Do you want any more info on this, feel free to contact me, pick up the phone or drop me an email.