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Introducing Quidvista

by: Simon Hughes
date: Monday, Nov 9, 2020
category: Development Operations MVP Quidvista

Last week we finally incorporated our sister comapny Quidvista. A number of my clients and potential clients over the last few years have been asking for services outside what I currently offer, including building, hosting and supporting custom platforms, essentially being their outside IT provider.


Quidvista is our new sister company setup in partnership with Storms Rivers. We are a full service digital agency which will create, host and support your vision. And yes there are thousands of other companies in the world providing similar services, so lets go through what makes us unique.

As a company we have a core dedicated team to support the running of Quidvista, outside of that our team of experts which build and support your platform are made up of the most dedicated freelancers that we have ever worked with. This gives us the unique ability to look at your platform, determine the right technical solution, and then form a team to build that out. Every other company and agency that we have ever worked with have a single technology base that they use for every single client. That makes the efficient (for them), but not for you.

Because our team is so large and diverse we have skills for every use-case. We have people who dedicate their lifes to providing the best hosting, to ensure you make the best of your investment in right cloud platform for you. We also have teams across the globe to allow us to support your platform 24x7.

Our Unique Selling Point (USP) however is the proposition. When you come to us with your vision, we will help you deliver on that vision, and we will always provide you with at least 2 different ways of costing the solution, including:

  • Stage payments to spread the cost.
  • Payment on delivery.
  • and completely unique in the industry, we will work for sweat equity.

Sweat Equity is the term to explain the principle of doing for payment in equity. So we will discuss with you the plans for your busines, understand the opportunity, and make you an offer for us building your vision in exchange for equity. No cash required! The equity model ensures we are both working in partnership towards the same shared goals.

For more info on the uniue capabilities of Quidvista check out the website