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Uptime Monkey

by: Simon Hughes
date: Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019
category: saas uptimemonkey operations

Today we are super excited to announce the launch of our Software as a Service Operations Monitoring platform Uptime Monkey. Let us take the strain by monitoring your websites every minute of every day and alert you to any downtime immediately.

Uptime Monkey Logo

Uptime Monkey is our new platform to help take the operational strain. Originally designed and built to support our clients over the past year, it's now so good we decided to launch it as a Software as a Service platform.

The platform is built on global scale resilient infrastructure utilising 2 industry leading cloud platforms to ensure we have no single points of failure. We operate a free tier and 2 paid for tiers Professional, and Enterprise.

The free teir will always be free and will operationally monitor your websites every 5 minutes from our UK based systems. As soon as we detect any changes to your websites availability we send out email alerts.

The Professional tier includes monitoring up to every minute of the day, reminds you about upcoming SSL certificate expiry dates, and alerts via email, slack, and twitter DMs.

The Enterprise tier will include features especialy for teams including allowing joining multiple individual accounts into a team to allow easy sharing of the platform without having to use a shared account.

For more info on Uptime Monkey check out the website

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