Fractional CTO

I examine the short and the long term needs of your organisation to allow you to make the right investments to ensure your organisation reaches and exceeds its objectives.

The role of Chief Technology Officer is prevalent in many larger organisations, but is often missing in many smaller (SME) organisations. And whilst it's true that these smaller organisations don't require a full time CTO, the crucial input that a CTO can provide is usually lacking. As your fractional CTO I get to wear many hats within your organisation, you get all the benefits of a full time CTO at a fraction of the cost.

chief technology officer

The title of Chief implies great power, and with this comes great responsibility. The key elements of this include managing roadmaps, setting tasks, deadlines, and identifying key technology risks and issues.

Typically its the Technology part that is missing in most SME organisations. Simply allowing the technology to drift based on the current skillsets of your employees, or worse, incurring huge expense following the latest tech trend because your developers would like it on their CV.

The technology strategy of any business needs to align and support the business strategy. Modern companies work in a volatile space with technology moving at a great pace, it's the CTO's job to ensure the company has the best technology available. Alongside this I can be the public face of Technology within your company, getting involved in blogging, presenting, and the all important VC funding discussions.

Alongside the Technology elements I can help ensure the Business Strategy is right, as technology is such a critical part of the business there needs to be a Technology voice in all the business strategy discussions.

Why not give me a call or drop me an Email to see how I can help take your business to the next level, all contact details below.

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