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Introducing msgboxx

by: Simon Hughes
date: Wednesday, Sep 1, 2021
category: msgboxx SAAS Quidvista

After a hugely busy 9 months QuidVista has just launched our first product msgboxx. msgboxx is a team inbox solution for WhatsApp. It provides shared WhatsApp inboxes, bots, automation, CRM integration, and GDPR compliance to any business using WhatsApp to communicate with clients.


With consumers living their lives on their mobile devices it comes as no surprise that businesses are doing everything they can to try to interact with their customers on device. The engagement and reply rates to emails have dropped massively in the last few years yet the statistics for WhatsApp are compelling. Around 5% of emails actually get read and replied to, yet we are seeing in excess of 90% engagement with WhatsApp messaging.

But for businesses its hard, did you know that using WhatsApp on your personal mobile phone for business is not only against the Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp, but is also causes major issues for both GDPR compliance and most importantly it's a single point of contact and there is no way to provide coverage for holidays, extended working hours, or for you to get visibility of those important sales conversations happening in your sales team.

There is a better way, enter msgboxx. We provide one or more virtual mobile or landline numbers and enable them for WhatsApp messaging. All message that come into the number can be shared, or can be private. We have automation to allow us to prequalify the customer. Imagine arriving at work this morning and not only finding out that Simon from Bristol is interested in a property you have for sale on Rightmove, but to also know that he has a house to sell, and he needs a mortgage and financial advice. But not only that he already engaged with msgboxx via WhatsApp so you can jump right in and start having that personal conversation.

msgboxx screenshots

Using our unique team solution we can seamless handle a conversation for the life of the customer. The conversation may start with your general enquiries team, which may lead into a more detailed conversation your lettings team, then onto your compliance team to sort out all the paperwork, and finally into your block management team to support that customer for their whole tenancy. Or car dealerships can support new and used car sales with different teams, but still hand the customer seamlessly onto the servicing team, and parts team to manage that customer from one place, with a full history visible to everyone.

With both a desktop website optimised for those team members in the office, and a mobile client for Apple and Android devices we have you covered wherever you are working.

And we have established a network of resellers who truly understand the business value of WhatsApp and also a wide range of vertical markets including estate agencies, recruitment, travel, car dealerships, telecomms. So why not contact us and see how you can transform the way you interact with clients.

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