Cloud Transformation

IT is rapidly changing and many of today's IT environments are not fit for purpose. By taking a holistic approach to cloud transformation I can help you take advantage of the speed, scale and economics of cloud computing.

cloud transformation

It seems like all businesses are moving to the cloud, with promises of cost savings and global scale systems deployed in seconds it seems like a technology panacea. The reality of cloud migration is far more complex.

There are many fantastic reasons to start on the journey to cloud, but there is a huge amount of complexity that needs to be discussed first. The pay as you go pricing model, scalablility and time to market are major benefits as well as availability and performance. But where do you start?

I have real experience with all the major cloud vendors and am able to work with you to determine which cloud vendor is best for your business, and then help you plan your roadmap to get there. This will include network design, security considerations, penetration testing, core infrastructure such as VPNs, and Active Directory, as well as building out application servers, load balancers, etc. The full technology list of Amazon Web Services is not for the faint hearted, and changes almost daily.

On top of all the technology available in the cloud, there is the automation aspects to consider. In order to deliver best of breed applications in the cloud, everything needs to be automated. The list of technologies here is again vast, ranging from chef, puppet, ansible, salt, vagrant and terraform to name just a few. Each has particular strengths and weeknesses, and will need to be combined to provide a custom solution specific to your business.

Pick up the phone, or drop me an Email to find out how I can accelerate your cloud transformation journey, all contact details below.

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