Do you need the expertise of a Chief Technology Officer?

Many SMEs require the services of a technology expert but not on a full-time basis. As a fractional CTO I can meet that need.

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What is a CTO?

The role of Chief Technology Officer is prevalent in many larger organisations, but is often missing in many smaller (SME) organisations. And whilst it's true that these smaller organisations don't require a full time CTO, the crucial input and direction that a CTO can provide is usually lacking.

The key elements of the Fractional CTO role includes managing roadmaps, setting tasks, deadlines, identifying and managing key technology risks and issues.

Alongside the technology elements I can help ensure the Business Strategy is right, as technology is such a critical part of the business there needs to be a technology voice in all the business strategy discussions.

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Why a Fractional CTO?

The key business benefit of a having Fractional CTO is that they provide the same technology expertise and capability of a full-time CTO without the level of salary, benefits, bonus, pensions & stock options that usually come with adding a top level executive.

There are some key scenarios where companies need a fractional CTO, you need a tech strategy and dont have a CTO, your existing technology team needs guidance and oversight, you require more confidence and visibility into what your team are doing, you are launching a new product or company, or you may have lost, or be about to lose an existing CTO.

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The first step is having a chat.

I'd love to discuss the ways that I can help you and your business. The first step is a conversation about you. I need to understand your business, where you are now, and where you want to be. Only once I understand this am I able to determine whether my services can help you achieve your goals.

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If you’d rather send me an e-mail then you can do so via the contact page. Or you can give me a shout on Twitter. Or LinkedIn.

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My years of experience have equipped me with a range of skills, all of which can work together to help your business grow.

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"Simon provided his expert services for a pioneering data sharing and analytics project. Simon cut through all the blockers and barriers in quick time and provided an excellent cloud based solution. Simon is a 'can do' professional and his work has been a fundamental part of our project"

Sean Price, Avon & Somerset Constabulary

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